My Declaration

Back in August when I rededicated myself to Christ, I made a declaration. That declaration was to not open my Bible at anytime with intent on proving a point. Not to stick it in anyone's face and say "Look what it says here!" I've done that before. There were times in the past when I only opened my Bible to find a way to prove myself right to someone. It wasn't fruitful or fulfilling at all. Nor was I  going to read it with any preconceived denominational or doctrinal notions. I was going to read it purely to get to know more about God and how He created me to live.

I can tell you my journey with this fresh mindset has been amazing! I see it all with fresh eyes. It truly speaks to me like never before. The more I read, the more it keeps proving itself true! The big picture comes into focus. The pieces all start to fit, and I just want to be who it says I am meant to be.   

It's been life changing. Going full bore. All in. Complete surrender. 

Complete Surrender... It's a funny thing actually. Surrender by definition is to 'cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.' Surrender is usually thought of being a loss of freedom. To be held down and oppressed.
But I've never felt more free and loved in my life. 

It's pretty amazing. So much has changed. So much keeps changing. 
No turning back. No compromise. This is life now. Now and forever.
It's hard to put it all into words that the human mind can comprehend. These are things deeper than the mind. Way deeper.  I Truly understand what it is to be born again.

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